Sunday, February 20, 2011

Small & Quick Craft

I have been itching to complete a craft lately! From my lack of posts- you can tell I have been busy. Things have been a little crazy this year (to say the least).

So, I decided to make something or do something with only things around the house. In my craft closet I found some cute ribbon and a candle holder. My mom had given me a new candle for Christmas that I hadn't burned yet, and I decided to combine the two. Glued the candle to the candlestick and glued the ribbon around the candle. When I was finished, I glued a chip-board fleur de lis on the front.

Then, I decided to tidy up an area that has been driving me crazy-bananas! My upstairs sink area: (I can't believe I am posting a pic!)

1 sack of trash later (and using only the stuff I had on hand)- here is the after:

Not bad for about 20 min. worth of work. The nice thing is that I have been able to keep it this way.

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