Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where oh where did spring break go???

I started the week with the best intentions- posting every day, crafting, cleaning, organizing- but I didn't quite meet my goal. Did I finish my $5 dollar store craft- nope
Did I reorganize the downstairs closet- nope

But, I did get to do a lot... Here are a few things that I did as the week ended...

So, the hubster and I had the opportunity to go to a hockey game for free last week. I was nominated teacher of the year for my school and they sent my principal free tickets. We decided to make a day of it and visit the "big city". You know that means tons of Goodwill visits. I found a few things that I am still working on, but here is one of my favs:

Only .99! Still has the 2.99 Hob-Lob sticker on it. Figure it will get covered in some scrapbook paper when the weather gets nice this week.

Also, am I the only person who panics in the morning as they are getting ready for work? Every morning I have visions of somehow spending 2 hours in the shower or something. Yes, me=crazy. So, I have had my eye out for a small clock. Here is what I found:

This was only 2.99, 1/2 off!!! You can't beat $1.50 (even if it had a years worth of ickyness on it). A little scrubbing never hurt!

While I was in the bathroom, I had to take a picture of this birdcage. To be honest, I don't like birds- but when I found it at the 1/2 off sale at the Goodwill a few months ago (see previous post), I brought it home- gave it a coat of paint, and there she is with a bit of moss for a "nest".

Last, but not least- these have been driving me crazy

what you don't see what is driving me crazy- well it is actually the hooks.

Yes, the hooks- the metal is wearing off/rusting, which has been driving me crazy. So when I was at Target a couple of weeks ago, I spotted these lovely bronze hooks for $2.48. Sold! Since I have been super busy, I just got around to changing them out. What was I thinking? I should have done this weeks ago.

So, that is it for today. I still hope to keep my goal of posting 1-2 times a week. I have big plans for this summer though :)

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day Two of Spring Break: Fixing what drives you crazy!

So day two was not as eventful as I had hoped... Hubby had rented Brothers and New Moon as a surprise from Redbox, so part of my day was spent watching movies.

I did fix something that has been driving me CRAZY- See this space:
We have lived in this rental for almost 8 years now. Yes, 8. This space has always been here, and has always driven me crazy, but I never thought to do anything about it.

Well, yesterday it officially was driving me crazy. I had decided to find something (artwork, something, anything) to cover it. Am I the only person who feels that way sometimes?

As I was looking in my trunk for something, I found this:
I bought it about 2 months ago, figuring I could paint and cover the apples. When I brought it in the house, I decided to hold it up to see if it would cover the box. IT DID! So instead of buying or making anything, I was able to use the 2.99 (half off it was 1.50) Goodwill find. Like with everything I make, I am not 100% happy yet (still thinking about what to put in the cutout) but for now the piece of scrapbook paper is fine:

Also yesterday, I was looking for something online to put over my new computer desk (pics to come soon). Inspiration hit when I remembered the picture frame I found at the Hob-Lob in the fall.

My eyes almost fell out when I saw the price ($4.99- originally $49.99):
In fact, the cashier was a bit snotty about it (called the manager over and told him she thought I had changed the tags). Whatever toots!
I pointed out the broken part:

(not broken)

Paid for it and walked away. Put it in my gift closet and forgot about it until yesterday. Still thinking about cutting off the bottom piece of wood to make it match (or adding a piece of wood to the top).

So, check out tomorrow for my $5.00 project :) Going outside to work on it now.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tasty Tuesday: Cinnamon Roll Toast

This is a recipe that my mom has made for a long time. It is a nice change from regular cinnamon toast and is fairly easy/thrifty to make. Can also easily be doubled/tripled/etc for a crowd.

Cinnamon Roll Toast (by The Thrifty Teacher's Mom)

2 slices of bread (white or wheat)
1 teaspoon of cinnamon (sometimes I use more- depending on taste)
1 tablespoon of butter, melted
1/2 cup confectioners sugar
1/2 tablespoon water
1/8 teaspoon vanilla

Brush melted butter on one side of the bread (I have spread it on both sides before, but it is up to you).

Sprinkle on cinnamon (both sides if buttered).

Place buttered side down in a moderately hot skillet until lightly toasted.

Turn and leave on other side just long enough to keep it from feeling soggy.

Spread hot toast with glaze made with confectioner's sugar, water and vanilla (sometimes I sprinkle some cinnamon into the glaze as well).

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Day One of Spring Break :)

I posted a few of my new projects yesterday. Today it has been rainy and gloomy- so I didn't get a chance to paint anything until this afternoon when the sun came out for a bit.

Here are my 2 before items. They were both lovely, just a bit dated for my taste:

I gave the smaller picture a coat of brown spray paint, covered the picture with some tan fabric I had laying around, and painted the fleur with some copper paint. Not too shabby considering I didn't pay anything to make it :) .

I am not finished with this one yet. I painted the frame brown (big surprise, huh) and then covered the picture with some brown/green fabric. Not sure what to put in the glass yet though.
They both compliment my wreath I made- using Tatertots and Jello as an inspiration:
it is a lot cuter in person- will try taking a pic of it when the sun is out tomorrow.

So, what should I put inside of that frame??? Would love some ideas. Thought about overlaying with a brown paper and perhaps putting the word Laundry (or maybe something else). I am going to hang it in my laundry area.

PS: The people who are able to neatly wrap twine/jute/etc around items must be more talented than I am. I have tried it 5-6 times today and decided to save it for tomorrow.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

~This Week's Thrifty Finds~

Okay... the week before Spring Break is a period that strikes fear into the heart of any teacher (similar to school picture day, the day before Christmas Break, or any time during the last month of school). The clock almost seems to go backwards. The weather was warm, and the meetings were plentiful, but I did manage to find the following this week:

1. Check out the assortment of glassware I found. The big blue glass vase will be covered in jute or something- but it was FREE! (yes, free) A woman on our local Craigslist copycat had a yard sale yesterday and was giving away most of her leftovers.

The other glass items were .59 or .99 at our local Goodwill and Salvation Army. They are getting makeovers as well this week. We just got a new computer and desk and my husband's tacky desk items are going (haha).

2. Here are 2 other items that the woman mentioned above gave away. They are SO not my style- but I have plans for them :)

3. Check out this diamond in the rough. I was strolling the isles at the GW and spotted this huge bag. I wondered what it was and saw that it was a massive bag of jute-like material.

$1.99 people!!!

There is about 1500 ft of it!!!

So that is what I have found in the past week. I have a few more things in the upcoming week during my break (including my plan for Living With Lindsay's 5 dollar challenge).

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Have I Been Up To- Crafty Makeovers

My husband finally found my camera usb cord... so now I can post some recent re-do home makeover projects.

First, I had noticed a couple of months ago where some bloggers had the CUTEST organizers in their kitchens. I kept an eye out and found this "beauty" at the G-Will for 1.99.

Oh, yes... those scratched 1980's ducks were just calling my name- not!

So, I sanded it (not as well as I should have, but it is in a low light area)-Sprayed it with brown spray paint, mod-podged some cute scrapbook paper on it and called it a day.

LOVE it!!! Still want to put something in the very front... not 100% sure yet.

My next craft isn't finished yet- I am not sure what I want to put inside of the glass yet. I found the glass (candle holder) and the top and thought they would look cute together. Any advice?

Then, I found this cute hanging N yesterday for 3.99 (a bit more than I would normally spend, but I liked it. Also bought the jute for .50 (yes!!!! fifty cents!!!!! It is a huge ball of it). They do not look cute together- will have to come up with a plan B.

I went to the new Goodwill in Franklin, TN yesterday and found these 2 Baldwin bronze candle holders for .99 and .49. I think they are actually worth something... anyone know?

So, that is all for today :)

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