Saturday, September 5, 2009

Long Time- No See :)

Wow- Almost two months since my last post...

Back to school time has been especially crazy this year.  I will be thankful next year, because I will be finished with my masters.  We have been in school for a month now, and I think I am at a point to where I will be able to post on at least a bi-weekly basis.  

So, what have I been up to... as far as crafting goes- not much regrettably.  I am planning on trying some things out tomorrow.  Have my fingers crossed.  

But, I did come across a GREAT thing today.  So, I was at one of my favorite kind of local blogs (Frugal In Franklin) and she had mentioned a huge rummage sale happening this weekend.  Hubby and I didn't get there until about an hour before closing.   The signs outside said "Everything 1/2 price".  Score!!  About 5 minutes after we got there, the ladies made an announcement that they were going let you fill a bag for $5!!! Score again!

I got:
-12-15 new books for my classroom library (at over 850 books, I think I am a bit obsessed)

-the cutest bunny planter  (he has 2 baskets- one on each side of his back

-2 frames (one still has a 7.99 ross sticker!)  One is round and perfect for a project I have in mind- the other is 8x10 and will hold my free Walgreen's photo. 

-stoneware coster for beside my bed (which I have REALLY needed)

-bag of gummy bracelets (at least 100) was going to give away at school, but not sure with the message on them. 

-Don't mess with Texas mug (has 5.99 sticker)

-Stuffed Tiger (school mascot) my cats are already stalking it

-Cute large decorative plate (thinking about painting it sometime soon)

-small energy teaching kit (for my treasure box)

-small shower head still NIP (Our old emergency one broke recently- thought we would keep for an emergency :)  after we had to take baths for 2 days, thought it would be handy to have one)  

-vintage ball mason jar with lid

- and a small cat pillow for catnip

For $5.00!!!!  I was planning on buying the frames and the Texas mug before the sale mention, as well as the vintage mason jar :).  The sale just pushed me into getting the other things.  I loved the plate, but didn't want to pay $2.00 for something I would just paint.    

Will post pics soon...  My camera cord somehow got left at work. 

So, check out all of the great finds over at Southern hospitality


  1. Sounds like you got some great things, at a really great price!

  2. Thanks for your visit! $5 for a bagful of great finds ... what a deal! Sounds like you got some great stuff. BTW, Sinatra and Audrey are cuties!

  3. i never thought of a coaster for my bedside....i am always getting rings from my water glasses on the nightstand wood. Great idea!


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