Sunday, April 25, 2010

~Where Oh Where is My Camera??? My find this week!

Okay, My husband swears he doesn't have my camera- but suddenly it is no where to be found. That has husband written all over it! So, I am sharing pics from my Blackberry (which explains the fuzzies!)

Anyway, my thrifty finds have been a bit dry lately... I have gone to the G-will three times in the past week and have walked out with nada- zip- zilch. I decided that enough was enough and got up early yesterday to go yard sailing- well thunderstorms killed that hope. So what is a girl to do?

I decided to try my local Salvation Army. A few years ago, it was a scary, small, overpriced place. As of late, they have really improved their store and seem to have a lot more inventory.

I ended up finding the following:

I didn't think it was a bad price for a real wood clock- $3.99 wasn't bad to me. The wood was a bit light for my taste. I popped off the glass (and gave it a good cleaning) and clock part, threw on a coat or two of brown, bronze, and orb- and here is my results.

What do you think? Will post a pic of it in my living room when I find my camera :)

Working on two new things in my house that I will share next week. One involves something unexpected, and the other involves a loved one who passed away about a year ago.

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  1. Looks fantastic! My SA is still terrible. It's pretty gross in there and they really are overpriced!

  2. This is a great find. You gotta love Salavation Army!

  3. The new color really gives an updated feel to the clock. Great job. Looks like something that would easily sell for 10x what you paid.

    Stop by and see what Allison found antique shopping - not at the SA but a bargain to be sure!

    Jane T.

  4. Very nice! Love black and the price is perfect!

  5. Love the redo! I think it turned out great!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Total upgrade on the clock with the paint. Very cute. I would love to have a SA or GW or anything like that. My town is a resort so we often do have some good stuff, but pickings are pretty slim. Happy thrifting!

  7. Looks great in its new color! Great buy!

  8. This looks like the kinds of clocks I'm seeing at the store for $20+! Terrific transformation!
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  9. Gorgeous clock & yes, a great deal! I love it with the new paint.

  10. My Mom recently saw a clock just like yours at Goodwill. When I show her how great yours looks she is gonna be kicking herself that she didn't buy it. Don't you just love paint?

  11. Happy Nester I think I shop near your mom. HA HA
    I found almost the exact same clock (already in black) at goodwill a few weeks ago for the very same price. I was sure it didn't work since many things they have don't, but it did!
    Too cool. I still don't understand why people get rid of clocks....


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