Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why Haven't I Blogged??? Otherwise Known as the $3.50 Fab Table Rehab!

I haven't blogged in forever... Haven't had much to say I guess. After I finally finished my Master's Degree in the spring, I decided to take some time off from crafting and blogging. instead I have spent my time catching up on the things I missed:

(In no particular order)

1. Glee- I really wanted to watch it last year, but never could find the time to get into it. Now I guess you can call me a gleek.

2. Getting my classroom organized. This is better some days than others. I have a pretty good group of kids this year.

and 3. Looking for a new sofa table. I finally found one (for $8- yes $8! I will have to dedicate a post to it soon- the story is awesome).

I do have a summer craft project to share though:

Well, I have wanted a new table for my classroom library area for-eva! I have just been tooooo cheap. Well, after scouring Craigslist, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army for months, I hit the motherload.

I found this beaut for only $3.50 (it was half-off day at Goodwill). It had great bone structure (and a laminate! top)

Oh, when I said beaut, I meant dusty, dinged up, and hot mess! Took off the front hardware and gave it a coat of ORB

I rolled on a few coats of oil-based primer- it was starting to look good =) I also let it dry for a few days before putting on the paint. That is usually my downfall- not waiting long enough before I paint.

Here was my end result:

Another look:

Here is the inside paper (scrapbook paper that I decoupaged on):

The best part- it only cost $3.50! I had everything else =) Gotta love it! My kids have loved my reading area this year, and this table helps me store my center materials for my library area.

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  1. That looks great! Much better than before and you scored at that price!

  2. Wow, table turned out great! Now you'll have to display green books--Green Eggs and Ham, Anne of Green Gables, The Children of Green Knowe...

  3. This table looks fantabulous!!! Love the color- so happy! I am a big fan of ORB- use it whenever I can. I hardly ever find anything at the GW. It is really overpriced and the region we are in does not authorize sales as in other parts of the country. No fair....
    Thanks for stopping by tonight- always fun to meet new bloggy pals. :-)
    ~ Sue

  4. Welcome back! And how cute is this!! What a great find that is & you painted it my fave color.

  5. What a beautiful table!! I love how you decoupaged the inside. :) Great thrifty makeover. Thanks for linking up with me. :) Hope you'll come back soon!

  6. Yay! Super cute! I just LOVE that color!

  7. It is really cute! I like the decoupage too! Sometimes my redo's - the drawers are nasty!
    Have a fun school year!

  8. Great job! What a fun color choice!

  9. Great Table redo! I love when I find a great deal like that. I am known to have something in my mind that I want and wait until i find what I am looking for at "the right price". Sometimes it takes a while but its always worth the wait!

  10. Great makeover, it looks so pretty:))
    Greetings from Europe, Biljana

  11. It turned out great, what a great find!!

  12. It looks great! I love the green!
    What does the ORB do? Did you just paint right over the laminate?
    And finally what a great idea to use it in a book nook. :)


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