Monday, June 29, 2009

Looking For Opinions...

I found these 2 great pieces at (you guessed it) Goodwill yesterday.

The first is a planter (or a junk holder :) )  I originally picked it up because of the lion heads on the sides.  Then I noticed the design on the sides (which is what I am redoing my living room in).  Here is the problem... I am not sure about it now.  Thinking about spray painting it or something.  Any opinions?  Was thinking about putting some type of plant inside (I have NO plants inside of my house now, would like to try and have some).  If I paint it, then I could probably use it for something else.   It is rather large (10 in by 10 in or so).  

Also, I spotted this and loved it (the top comes off and you can put four pictures inside).  It was marked .99, but today green tags were 1/2 off!!!  .50- who can beat that?  I am not sure about the green/gold/brown on it though.  Thinking about doing dark brown with some copper accents, or maybe creme with dark brown smudged on the edges, but I am afraid I will paint it, and then I will have painters remorse...  So, should I leave it alone or paint? 

So, what would you do with these two pieces... Thanks for the ideas! 


  1. Hello !
    I added my face to your blog -
    Come see my metal planters that I just re-did...just for ideas and to get your wheels a-spinning !
    I would probably paint it in two
    colors to compliment the room it would be going in..can it hold remote controls...or maybe a silk plant...mail that hasn't been sorted...look around at your stacks (if you have any) to see what can be corraled....
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  2. I forgot to respond to the comment you left on the last comment I left you. Ahh that’s a confusing sentence. The white and silver platter was purchased that way. Wish I could take credit for it. I know what you mean about the steady hand. I tried to paint the inside of a tray with chalk board paint but it was a flub. Oh well I bought extras so I can try again.

  3. I agree with Kammy about the metal thingies. The other thing is cute the way it is. Great finds.


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