Saturday, July 11, 2009

Crazy Cat Lady Issues....

Well, I can admit it- I am a crazy cat lady.  Petsmart sends my kitties birthday cards, and they have tons of toys. Up until this point- they have been in an old rubbermaid shoebox on my dryer and all over the house.  It has been driving me crazy (see crazy cat lady title above :) ).  I have had my eye out for a solution... I knew I wanted something that could go in the living room. 

Well, when I was in Texas, I found a GREAT store!  It is called Berry Good Buys.   All of the money goes to domestic violence victims in the Tarrant County area.  They also provide a place for people who have escaped a bad situation to shop and replace items they may have had to leave behind.  Who wouldn't want to support that??? 

So, I went in with high hopes- and found some great deals.  All of their pants were on sale for $1.00- I bought two pairs of maternity pants to put away for someday (hopefully someday soon).  Also grabbed a cute ivy planter/display for $4.00 (will post picture when I post pics of my kitchen redo), and the best part- my new kitty toy holder!!!!  I had to stand outside for a few minutes before they opened, and it was love at first sight.  It was a bit more than I usually spend ($5.00), but I knew I was supporting a great cause.  

So, here is the container I found:

close up pic

I then spent about 20 minutes gathering up most of the toys in the house...

and found a new spot for them in the living room

To me, not bad for $5.00.  I have debated brushing some brown glaze on the outside to where it will be less white and more creme, but I don't want to ruin it.  In the days since, I have found more toys around and it is almost full.  Yes, we need a 12 step program! Especially since they play with water bottle caps most of the time...


  1. That’s too funny. I’m a Texas gal (not too far from Tarrant County). Someone was just telling me about that place last week. I was going to look it up but forgot the name so think for sharing where you purchased you great find. I now remember them saying it’s on Berry St. It’s a small world. So are you from TX or were you visiting.

  2. I love your kitty toy holder. I have a (few) wicker baskets that I use to hold my dogs' stuff... toys, leashes, clothes, etc. I guess I might be a crazy dog lady :).

  3. Great idea!!!!
    We have two gorgeous, playful ferrets that have their toys, too.
    You just gave me a great solution to storing their "decorations".
    Thank you!
    Blessings to you!

  4. oh, ha ha, that is too funny. i have all my cat's toys in a basket, and no matter how many mice are laying around my living room-which the ocd in me can not stand-she still looks in the basket for something else!

    thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the said your sinatra looks like my cat, but actually i think your rescue does. my sweet girl's a rescue, too.


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