Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hot Time in the Big City (and Goodwill 50% off day!)

So, my hubby decided he wanted to go to the "big city" yesterday... at the crack of dawn (okay, it was 8, but it felt like dawn after the week I had last week).

Goodwill was having the 50% off sale for the month and he was there early.  When he got home (I wasn't planning on going to ours because I knew they didn't have a lot out), he told me that they had the cube organizers for cheap (the ones with the baskets).  Score!  Get there, someone was pushing them out the door. Fail!  Oh well, I did get the picture frame for .49.  

We get to the big city- and go to our next Goodwill- boo!  The line was out the door almost and it was so disorganized.  There was a small church across the street having a sale and I got the frame below to paint and a cute little owl (who is MIA- think he is still in the car).   I felt bad for them because they had a bunch of people come in and tear up all of their nice work and piles.  .50 for the frame and the owl.  

We went to a used book store and I found a great old book in the free bin- going to try to turn it into a Jack-o-Lantern face.  Having a hard time getting it to stay perfectly round...

Later on, we were driving to lunch when I spot another church having a sale.  I was THISCLOSE to getting a cute clotche (sp?), but someone grabbed it first.  Ended up getting the tissue box below- have big plans for it soon! Only .25!  

Then, what do we spot around the corner.  A yard sale that was finishing up- everything was free (YES FREE!).  I ended up grabbing the tree, paper towel holder.  The paper towel holder will be painted, and I am starting on a craft idea for the tree... 

We ended up going to a few more Goodwill sales.  One was a bust, the other was just plain gross (dh did find a Nintendo power glove though... for .89) and then the best one- I found:
-big sparkly pumpkin .75
-small ghost .25
-spooky candle holders (.99 each)
-small pumpkin .50
-chalkboard cat frame for .99

Ran in to the Dollar Tree to see if they had a better selection than mine, and I found these cuties- already in my front window. $4.00 + tax (including the small tea lights). 

Also, found all of this on clearance or in the dollar section of Target- Planning on making some Christmas gifts and doing some other decorative things around the house...

And last, but not least, the cute basket below.  I already put some fall decorative potpouri in it- super cute!  Just have to hope the cats don't chomp on it.  .99!  They had the cutest mirrors there with no price- they wanted $17  a piece when I asked.  CRAZY!  I can buy a mirror at Walmart for less than that.  

Best thing about everything is that I sold some things on our local Craigslist-ish website and so it was like I didn't spend any money today!  Whoo Hooo! 

I am linking up to Dalomba Days Goodwill Goodies Party this week- hop over there for some great Goodwill finds!!! 
Have a great week!  


  1. I LOVE your black and white table...if you hop on over to Pandora's Box, scroll to bottom and click on "recycling", you will find a table I recently painted in B&W stripes!

  2. Wow! I am impressed by your skills! I like the idea of an all day thrift store marathon!

  3. I love seeing what everyone finds at thrift stores & yard saling. You found some good stuff. Love the frames. And thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

  4. really cute stuff, I don't know if i WOULD OF WANTED to sell any of it! thanks for your visit, I will put a glowing battery operated tea light in my witch I made.


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