Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oh, the deals!!!- Old Business First

Howdy :)

First, some old business...

1.  Here is a photo of the table I posted about previously in its new home.  I am still not sure about it.  It has kind of grown on me... but I think it is missing something.

2.  Here is a photo or two of allll the loot from the Franklin rummage sale I went to.  $5 PEOPLE! For ALLL that good stuff :) (well, good stuff to me, junk to others).   Ignore the fat kitty smelling all the new things in her house.  

If you look in the above photo- you see a round black photo frame.  I was not loving it (it had a 10.00 price tag on it from Ross- brand new condition!), but now after a coat of spray paint, some scrap book paper I had laying around, and a vinyl letter from Etsy- Much better! 

I also have put the bunny in the photo on a shelf in my bedroom.  Now he has some moss in his baskets though.  

The plate also got a coat of brown paint (glossy by accident).  Wait for an update later in the week on it :)

More to be posted soon...

Check out some other great items at:


  1. Love that black and white striped table! The monogrammed art turned out well too.
    pk @ room remix

  2. Nice bargains. I really like the frame redo a lot.


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