Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day Two of Spring Break: Fixing what drives you crazy!

So day two was not as eventful as I had hoped... Hubby had rented Brothers and New Moon as a surprise from Redbox, so part of my day was spent watching movies.

I did fix something that has been driving me CRAZY- See this space:
We have lived in this rental for almost 8 years now. Yes, 8. This space has always been here, and has always driven me crazy, but I never thought to do anything about it.

Well, yesterday it officially was driving me crazy. I had decided to find something (artwork, something, anything) to cover it. Am I the only person who feels that way sometimes?

As I was looking in my trunk for something, I found this:
I bought it about 2 months ago, figuring I could paint and cover the apples. When I brought it in the house, I decided to hold it up to see if it would cover the box. IT DID! So instead of buying or making anything, I was able to use the 2.99 (half off it was 1.50) Goodwill find. Like with everything I make, I am not 100% happy yet (still thinking about what to put in the cutout) but for now the piece of scrapbook paper is fine:

Also yesterday, I was looking for something online to put over my new computer desk (pics to come soon). Inspiration hit when I remembered the picture frame I found at the Hob-Lob in the fall.

My eyes almost fell out when I saw the price ($4.99- originally $49.99):
In fact, the cashier was a bit snotty about it (called the manager over and told him she thought I had changed the tags). Whatever toots!
I pointed out the broken part:

(not broken)

Paid for it and walked away. Put it in my gift closet and forgot about it until yesterday. Still thinking about cutting off the bottom piece of wood to make it match (or adding a piece of wood to the top).

So, check out tomorrow for my $5.00 project :) Going outside to work on it now.

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  1. I love you, you are my kind of lady!!! I am in awe of your thriftiness, you rock!!!

  2. Can't beat those prices! I love a thrifty find. Can't wait to see it finished.

  3. I love it! Who knew something so inexpensive could change your life, right? :) Great!

  4. Hee Hee...I love the "Whatever toots" comment...Nice.

  5. I am also a teacher by day and a grad student by night. I often find myself redoing things like you and not doing homework! I love the picture frame:)

  6. Your chalkboard is the perfect way to cover your electrical panel, it looks wonderful! And what a deal you got on your beautiful photo frame!

    Kat :)

  7. i hate clerks like that!!
    just a thought, i would paint that little space with chalkboard paint.

  8. I actually like the broken part, it makes the detail in the curvy bits pop right out when your looking at it. If you hadn't told me it was broken, I would have thought it was supposed to look like that. I might even be tempted to break off the other ones to match.


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