Monday, March 22, 2010

Day One of Spring Break :)

I posted a few of my new projects yesterday. Today it has been rainy and gloomy- so I didn't get a chance to paint anything until this afternoon when the sun came out for a bit.

Here are my 2 before items. They were both lovely, just a bit dated for my taste:

I gave the smaller picture a coat of brown spray paint, covered the picture with some tan fabric I had laying around, and painted the fleur with some copper paint. Not too shabby considering I didn't pay anything to make it :) .

I am not finished with this one yet. I painted the frame brown (big surprise, huh) and then covered the picture with some brown/green fabric. Not sure what to put in the glass yet though.
They both compliment my wreath I made- using Tatertots and Jello as an inspiration:
it is a lot cuter in person- will try taking a pic of it when the sun is out tomorrow.

So, what should I put inside of that frame??? Would love some ideas. Thought about overlaying with a brown paper and perhaps putting the word Laundry (or maybe something else). I am going to hang it in my laundry area.

PS: The people who are able to neatly wrap twine/jute/etc around items must be more talented than I am. I have tried it 5-6 times today and decided to save it for tomorrow.

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  1. You did a great job on your redos!! THe wreath is charming! We had sunshine today and it melted much of the snow away but we are do for more tomorrow :(

    bee blessed

  2. Love the fleur de lis! And I really like the fabric you chose for the other print. How about some vinyl to go on the glass? Your last name, a favorite quote, etc? Thanks for sharing!

  3. Looking good! I would do some sort of word or saying that is meaningful to you.

  4. I love the third one down...the fabric is so cool and I'm a brown fan as well! Can't wait to see what you do with it behind the glass!

  5. Your frame is gorgeous! Love it. The wreath turned out cute as well. Thanks for sharing these!

  6. I LOVE anything with a fleur de lis!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Love what you did with your frames. I would go with a quote that you love for the big frame.

    Also, on the twine, I have not done it but I would think you would need to use some type of tacky glue at least to get it started - like a dot or two of hot glue?

  8. those look great! i was a teacher by day, but i'm taking a short break to be with my boys! i'll be back in the classroom before i know it. . . .dreading it a little bit!!! thanks for linking up so i could visit your blog!

  9. I also love the large frame w/ green and brown fabric. I did something similar last year for a craft show and used the glass as a Dry Erase Board for notes and messages to the Family, grocery list, ect. ect....
    I put different Topics at the Top in Vinyl Lettering, such as:
    ECT. ECT.....

  10. Love your little fluer de lis picture. What a difference a little paint and a stencil makes.

    Not sure what you should put on the larger frame, but I love the backdrop. Maybe a monogram?

  11. Hi There. Just discovered your blog and I love your frames. Have a similar project and think I will follow the advice to put a saying in my framed fabric art. By the way, I think I have the cousins of your cats living at our house. They are beautiful. Hugs, Tara


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